The Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
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About Human Rights Protection Association in India

Human Rights Protection Association (HRPA) made a humble beginning in 1999 with an approach to help enforce the rights of poor, marginalized and unfortunates of the Indian society in terms of organizing social movements to challenge oppression, exploitation and discrimination against any group or individual on the grounds of caste, gender, disability, age, religion, language, ethnic group, sexual orientation, and health, economic or social status. Our work is guided not only by the vision and principles established by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights but also by the philosophies of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in our mission to respect, protect, and fulfill human rights and to promote a human rights-based framework for development.

Over the years, we expanded our initiatives/activities and today our organization has earned a reputation of pride and honor in the society, with 25 branches across majority of states encompassing 500000 active members in India and with a number of campaigns/ programs running across major districts and state span India which address a diverse group in the society including the elderly, youngsters, school children, women, sick and the destitute.

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Mobilise Human Rights movement across India to promote mutual harmony and co-operation amongst fellow citizens without discrimination of nationality, religion, caste, colour, creed or sex.

Monitor human rights compliance by all stakeholders in India.

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Our Mission

Monitoring - role of a “Human Rights watch dog” for controlling Government and institutional activities within the purview of law of the land.

Advocacy - fighting for Human Rights on behalf of the society to change the attitude of Government/ institutions wherever deemed fit.

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Our Activities

Our major activities include Organizing public lectures, workshops, seminars, campaigns and conferences in India on issues and themes pertaining to human rights.

Publishing the Human Rights & Society Development Bulletin, containing short, readable, open access articles on issues and themes relevant to the realization of our objective

Ongoing projects

Awareness buildup - for Human Rights at Kolkata and for constitutional process at North 24 Parganas in West Bengal.

Improvement of local security and legal system in West Bengal

Opening of Bengal University in Raniganj, W.B

What are human rights?
  • Human rights are the rights of freedom and equality, that every person should have in the world There are many types of human rights civil rights, political rights, social, cultural and economic rights. Everyone is entitled to have their own human rights.

If you found your human rights have been abused, then you have the right to take your complaint to court, but first you need to clarify whether your human rights have been abused or not, who is best to deal with it.